Full Course

Make sure you have completed the application form before coming to class. You can get the form here.

The cost of the course is $780.00 with all applicable taxes included. Students can pay the $780.00 all at once or choose to make instalments. The instalment process works like this:

  • $260.00 is due up front to secure your spot in the class
  • $260.00 is due 30 days after the in class session is complete
  • The final $260.00 is due before certificate of completion is issued or 60 days after in class session, whichever comes first

Additional payment plans can be discussed if needed. Course cost is payable via email, transfer can be made to southcolchesterdrivingschool@gmail.com or we accept cash or cheque payable to the South Colchester Driving School. Upon receipt of the application you will receive additional payment information.

There are no additional charges and check out the serious BENEFITS you get by completing the Full Course! Just click on the dropdown arrow.

  • Students may take their driving test to achieve a graduated licence in 9 months after obtaining their learner’s permit providing the course is completed. Without taking the course the wait is 12 months.
  • It is now compulsory for drivers to complete a driving course to remove the ‘N’ off of their licence to make the transition from a graduated licence to a full licence.
  • With a completed Driving Course students receive a certificate that is recognized by the insurance industry. This certificate will bring overall insurance costs down. Caldwell Roach Insurance branch located in Truro explains that without driver training, a newly licensed male driver with PLPD premium would be $900-$1100 a year. With driver training, the cost would be $500-$700 a year or lower. The price of the driving school is paying for itself in potentially one year!
  • A driving record equals the number of years with a driving licence. Most insurance companies start new drivers out with a driving record of zero however with completed driver training; a new driver would start out with a driving record of three. This allows for more savings as it would take a new driver with no driver training course three years to obtain the same level of savings.

Our courses are operated on a first-come, first served basis. The classroom focuses on road rules using real life driving scenarios, road signs, basic car maintenance and maneuverers, environmental aspects and safety. You do not need your learner’s to start. The classroom portion is available to those not yet 16 years of age. The in-car portion deals with putting the skills learned in the classroom to the test. Here you will gain valuable experience to becoming a better driver. A valid learner’s permit is required for the in-car portion. The program does not guarantee successful completion of the driving exam however we certainly try our best to prepare for the test that is governed by an examiner at the DMV (Not our instructors). A driver with a learner’s permit should not have to wait more than three months from the first class to the driving exam – in most cases less and it is possible to take the classroom portion during one course and the driving component at a later time.  Questions?  Check out the frequently asked questions section or contact us directly through email.

Email transfer, cheque or cash is payable to the South Colchester Driving School.

Defensive Driving Course

The cost of the course is $125.00 plus taxes.

Make sure you have completed the application form before coming to class. You can get the form here. Space is limited for each class.

Course cost is payable via e-transfer to southcolchesterdrivingschool@gmail.com or cash on the day of the course. For e-transfer you will be emailed an instruction protocol upon the receipt of your application.