What’s the cost?

The full course is $810.00 including taxes and the defensive driving course is $125.00 plus taxes.
See Classes & Prices for more information.

Where are you located?

The classroom sessions will be taught out of the Brookfield Fire Hall located in Brookfield, Nova Scotia and the East Hants and District Chamber of Commerce 8 Old Enfield Rd., Unit 205, Enfield Nova Scotia B2T 1C9. We will be operating four modules so if a student is unable to attend one module there is plenty of time to do the module at a later date.

My son/daughter has extracurricular activities after school. What happens next?

Once all application forms have been submitted, we will go through and make up a schedule that best suits the group. We will accommodate, as much as possible, students that have prior activities .

How long is each class?

The majority of classroom sessions will be 25 hours divided into 4 modules. Our in-car sessions are 5 sessions or two hours each with predetermined lessons. The last two hour session will be reserved for the day of or day before the driver’s test to ensure the student is calm and confident.

Where can I obtain a Nova Scotia Driver’s Handbook?

The latest Nova Scotia Driving rule handbook can be found online at novascotia.ca/sns/rmv/safe/handbook.asp. There is no need to purchase a physical copy, all information is included in the online copy. If you want a physical copy you can buy them from the Department of Motor Vehicles nearest to you.

What do I need to bring to the course?

A pen.

How do I book my road test?

SCDS usually advises you to book your road test after 6-8 hours of driving with us. This is done because there usually is a substantial waiting period to get scheduled at the Access Nova Scotia locations. You need to book your road test after 9 months of your issued date on your learner’s and ensure you have completed the in-car sessions prior to the road test date.

Before you book, you need to purchase a road test receipt at the DMV, or online at gov.ns.ca. Once you pay you get a piece of paper, or the receipt, that says what you are going to be tested on and your receipt number. You must keep this piece of paper until your road test.

If you are taking the SCDS car, you must then pass on the receipt number so we can book your appointment. If you are taking another car, then you can book any time, any day by calling 1-800-898-7668.

Can I really save a bundle on my insurance by taking the course?

Students receive a certificate that is recognized by the insurance industry. This certificate will bring overall insurance costs down. Caldwell Roach Insurance branch located in Truro explains that without driver training, a newly licensed male driver with PLPD premium would be $900-$1500 a year. With driver training, the cost would be $500-$700 a year or lower. The price of the driving school is paying for itself in potentially a little more than one year!

Do I need a learner’s license to start?

You do not need a learner’s license to start the classroom portion of the course. In fact, anxious students are encouraged to do the classroom before they turn 16. This allows the student to learn valuable information to pass their beginner’s test, start into the in-car portion as soon as the get their licence, and get a full licence sooner.

Can I use the school’s car for my road test?

Yes/No. Most students will feel more comfortable driving the car they learn on. You are required to do 10 hours with SCDS but 50 hours of driving with a parent, guardian , or someone with the N off their licence. That is the car you are usually more comfortable driving. Some people prefer to take the driver’s ed car. If you’re one of those students, we will accommodate you the best we can but you need to ask. We would also need to schedule the road test, thus requiring the road test receipt that must be purchased before an appointment can be booked.

You can purchase the receipt online here. You are purchasing a Class 5 road test receipt.

When can I take my road test?

To achieve a graduated licence, students must pass a road test put on by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). With a learner’s licence and a completed driving course, the wait is 9 months from the issue date of your learner’s permit. Without a course, the wait is 12 months after your learner’s permit was issued.

When can I become a newly licensed driver with no restrictions?

Once the student passes his/her road test, they have earned a class 5N (N is for new) licence. This allows you to drive with the same number of passengers as there are seat belts and no driving between midnight and 5:00am for a minimum of two years (Your probationary period). To have these restrictions removed, the driver must take a driving course and have a clean record during your probationary period. Upon completion of your two year probationary period, the ‘N’ is removed from your licence and you are free to drive without these restrictions. You are now in the 5R stage which means the zero-blood alcohol restriction remains in effect. You are also restricted from being a supervisory driver for anyone with a learner’s license. Without a driving course these restrictions remain in place.

Can I fail the course?

You cannot fail the course. At Safety and Courtesy Driving School we give you many chances to pass. You can however be asked to leave without a refund if your behaviours are contrary to public safety and positive learning. This is something that you are made aware of before you commit to the course by signing a contract. We offer a mock driving test to prepare you for the real test at the DMV. If you fail our mock driver’s test, we will explore the reasons why and ensure you are ready for the real test.

How to I retain my learner’s/beginner’s licence?

  1. You need to be 16 years of age.
  2. You need to get the Nova Scotia Driver’s Handbook which you can find online here. You can also buy a physical copy from the DMV. Study this book.
  3. When you are prepared, visit the DMV location closest to you from Monday-Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM. No appointment necessary. You will need a sharp mind and proof of your birth date (like a birth certificate), and 2 additional pieces of ID with your name and signature. You will need to also bring a parent/guardian if you are under 18 years of age. If a parent cannot make it on those days, you need a parental consent form.

Please note that there is a knowledge test but also a vision test that you need to pass, so bring correctional lenses if needed. You need to get over 80% of the knowledge test.

My question isn’t here, what now?

If your question isn’t here, feel free to contact us.