The purpose of the course is to instruct the driver in an educational and relatable way to help them understand techniques that will help them to see the actions of others from a different perspective. The goal is to help drivers develop effective responses and attitudes to a variety of driving challenges. Understanding personal motivations, anger management techniques, and learned behaviours that can help to keep drivers safe.

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The Course:

The Defensive Driving course is an established proven program designed to produce:

  • A change in the attitude of experienced drivers
  • Fewer vehicle collisions
  • Life long safe driving habits
  • Designed for the adult learner

Course Outline:

  • Five core modules
  • Case studies and written exercises
  • Interactive class discussion
  • Specific techniques to help drivers avoid all types of traffic collisions, understanding the need to adjust to the actions of others or the driving conditions
  • Principles of defensive driving and collision avoidance techniques are examined.

Three part collision prevention formula:

  • Recognize the hazard
  • Understand the defence
  • Act in time

Course fees:

Our Defensive Driving course is $125.00 plus taxes. See Classes and Prices for more information.

Students are expected to have payment at the day of class or e-transfer prior to class.

Included in the fee are: 6 hours of classroom time and all learning materials.

Click here for the online application.

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