The ability to acquire knowledge and pass it to learners ensuring they understand and can apply the material is the essence of teaching. Driving instructors must have the ability to exercise this trait. At South Colchester Driving School, experienced professional educators are used in the classroom and during the in-car sessions. These professionals, in addition to their educational backgrounds, have undergone considerable driver training as certified instructors. Monitoring and upgrading is done on a regular basis to keep their skills up to date.

Lisa Gould is a certified instructor with an undergraduate degree from Mount Allison University. She has been involved in the automotive industry since 1991 and is turning her love of driving and cars into an educational organization committed to promoting defensive driving to newly licensed drivers. Mrs. Gould completed her driving instructor training from Safety Services Nova Scotia in Halifax. She handles both the classroom and in-car portions of the course.

Randy Gould is a retired veteran. His occupation was with the Military Police. His extensive training in the military included numerous instructor courses and evasive driving techniques. Mr. Gould is also owner/operator of Main Street Shoe Repair and Letter Shop. He also completed his driving instructor training at Safety Services Nova Scotia and is excited to help his wife development a first class driving school to educate and service the Colchester area and beyond. He will assist with the in-car portion of the program.

Both teachers bring an excellent skill set to the program. They are very easy going, and fun loving individuals. Come and see for yourself, you wont be disappointed !!